21/22 Seasons Squad

Dale Leith

Robert Bruce

Jamie Adams (Player Assistant Manager)

Mark Whorlow

Richard Jones

Ben Herries

David Hughes (C)

Bobby Landers

Callum Murray

Colin Wilson (Player Manager)

Robert Joe Paisley

Kenny McKenzie

Liam Clive

Craig McCulloch

Thomas Garret

Tyler Rennie

Mathew Robertson

Ian Miller

John Lowe

Jamie McHarrie

Stuart McColm

Lewis Richardson

Callum Hanlin

Player Sponsorship 

We are currently looking for businesses or individuals to Sponsor our players for the season.  Please find a list of current players available to sponsor for only £30 per season Below.  This sponsorship will go a long way in helping the club fund Match Day travel expenses, Tracksuit top & Polo Shirt for your selected player.

Click on Sponsor button to be taken to our secure store where you can safely pay using credit or debit card.

Player Name Position Age Status
Robert John Paisley Att Available
Robert Bruce Def Available
Ian Miller Mid Available
Jamie Adams Mid Taken
Def Available
Craig McCulloch Att Available
Mark Whorlow Def Available
Callum Hanlin Def Available
Matthew Robertson Mid Available
Liam Clive Mid Available
Stuart McColm Att Available
Richard Jones Mid Available
Ben Herries Mid Available
Dale Leith GK Available
David Hughes (C) Mid Available
Kenny McKenzie Mid Available
Jamie McHarrie Att Available
Bobby Landers Mid Available
John Lowe Mid Available
Lewis Richardson Def Available
Tyler Rennie            Def Available
Callum Murray GK Available
Thomas Garret Mid Available
Colin Wilson Manager Available