Gaffer Colin Wilson

This week we caught up with manager Colin (Waggs) Wilson. The gaffer told us

“I’m excited to get going this year. Last year was a bit of a struggle for us player wise at this time. We were late getting the likes of Rab Joe, Buff & Jonsey signed up so our pre season was fairly poor, I think that showed in first few games & we were always chasing our fitness after.

“This year we have it all ready well in advance. I’ve had various discussions with the coaches & we all know what we need to do. Pre season is all planned ready to go as soon as we get the go ahead.

“We have most of last years squad signed up & have also added a bit of experience to the squad. We have signed William (Bird)McMillan who can play in a number of positions. He also knows where the net is so he is a great addition to the group. Also signed on are Wullie White & Stevie Ross.

“Both were involved in parts last season but Wullie has committed himself for this season so that gives us a boost knowing our keeper be available most of the time.

“Last season when Wullie played we seemed to be a bit more secure at the back. The boys at the back know him so that makes a difference. He’s not to keen on the new green away gk top but we can work on that”

“ I’m absolutely delighted to get Stevie signed. He has a new job and won’t be available every week but what a player he is. Definitely one of the best I’ve played with.

“He helped us out on bench at end of last season & has also been training with us when up in Stranraer. All the lads will tell you, he is unreal at training, touch, movement everything is still there. He’ll take the ball if you anywhere no matter how many players are around him. Exactly just what we need & he’ll bring the best out of the younger guys.

“I also have 4 or 5 new guys coming to train with us but these boys have lots of clubs after them so they want to keep there options open this early on & I totally understand that.

Wilson has also been immensely impressed at the work the club have been doing of the field.

“The guys have done an amazing job to be fair. To think what it was like down here when I used to come down and play with Stranraer Athletic to now. It’s an unbelievable effort from a small group of people. I was asked if there is anything that we needed & I spoke to the players got a few suggestions.

“One thing that I wanted to change was everyone turning up in different gear to training & match days. I fully understand that the club have a very small budget for these kind of things but it just doesn’t look good. Now the guys at the club have been trying to raise extra money & we will all now have training gear, March day gear & our own bags.

“The changing rooms was another thing we wanted organised & next thing we know it’s had a full make over. Unbelievable amount of work from the guys & we are all very impressed & keen to give the guys something back on the park”

Makeover in changing rooms

Wilson will be again assisted by Rab Joe Paisley with a coaching team of Robert Jamison, Stevie Dorans & Gary Speirs.