Child Wellbeing and Protection Statement

Child Wellbeing and Protection Officer

As a community club Creetown FC is committed to ensuring that Child Protection and Safeguarding are at the forefront of our day to day operation. This statement is in relation to our senior team set up.

The club has ensured that there are policies, procedures and safeguards in place to ensure that we provide a safe environment for children and adult players to enjoy football, whether this be playing, spectating or volunteering. As such we as a club promote children’s rights, raise awareness of children’s wellbeing and recognise the requirements needed when a child needs help or support.

Our policies, procedures and safeguards meet the standards of the International Safeguards for Children in Sport and also comply with Sport Scotland’s minimum operating requirements for safeguarding children in Scottish sport.

The club’s goal is to ensure we offer children a positive experience regardless of age, gender, ability, ethnicity or their ambition to play.

As I have this role at Creetown FC, I am at team training, home and away matches and can be contacted at anytime.

Ben Herries